COMMENTARY / #SeriousPost:

In the wake of the heartbreaking news about Mary Jane Veloso, we are very much disturbed by the apparent lack of outcry or clamor from government agencies to save her from execution.

Yes, that includes you, Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines – nauna pa kami magpost sa inyo. And while we know you are a repository of government documents, you could at least contribute to public discourse by revisiting the news and documents about Veloso’s case, such as how the “boss” who used her as a drug mule is also facing prosecution, with the Philippines even seeking assistance from the Indonesian Government on the case. (Your comms team under the previous admin used to be much more informative, after all.)

One defining trait that helped President Duterte stand out when he was still campaigning was his apparent POLITICAL WILL. For him to say something such like “please go ahead if you want to execute her” very much plays to the contrary. Even if he wants to respect Indonesia’s laws, he could at least appear determined and headstrong to save Veloso, instead of being resigned to her execution.

Someone who has as much eyes and ears as the President should be aware that Veloso’s life is at stake because she was used by someone else for criminal purposes. If justice is what we are after, then why not save her life AND put the real mastermind behind bars?

The President is empowered and obligated to protect Filipino lives. This is something that Mary Jane Veloso needs.right now.


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