The Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is the official repository of Historical Revisionism by the Best Communications Team in the Solar System.

Today, one of our #PartnersForChange has reported to the Best Communications Team in the Solar System that certain groups rumored to possess abhorrently low IQ levels have been mobilizing Facebook pages such as “FakeRodyDuterte” and “MindaVote” to release their own propaganda under the guise of Superficial Gazette works.

We wish to state in no uncertain terms that this image is not one of our releases, as is indicated by the clearly inferior quality of its grammar and craftsmanship. Our releases excel in terms of aesthetic and content quality, and this pale imitation does not even come close to any credible standard of public service.

Our Facebook¬†and Twitter Pages are the ONLY online repositories of our work. Anything that appears from an outside source does not qualify for “quality and timely Historical Revisionism.”

We also recommend that the members of the political groups behind Facebook pages such as “FakeRodyDuterte” and “MindaVote” increase their dietary intake of milk, a food that is proven to increase intelligence.

Finally, we remain committed to using taxpayer money in delivering quality and timely #HistoricalRevisionism to the Filipino people. No history book shall stand in our way.


Ramon L. Cualoping III
Assistant Secretary
Presidential Communications Operations Office

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