MALACAÑAN PALACE, MANILA — In an official statement, President Rodrigo Duterte congratulated the rape-slayer of a local beauty queen, days after he said he would congratulate rapists of beauty queens.

The President’s statement follows the rape-slay of a beauty queen from Samal Island, Davao Del Norte yesterday, July 19.

Duterte also fired back at his critics, particularly youth leaders who denounced him as “Dutertador” last Tuesday morning.

“These critics, you know, they are saying — they denounced me as this “Dutertador.” Duterte plus diktador. You know what, this is — this is not true, not true at all. I am very much for freedom,” he said.

The President further went on to list the following as examples of his love for freedom:

• Allowing Peter Lim to escape to China
• Celebrating former President Arroyo’s acquittal from plunder
Defending Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s womanizing
• Ordering Solicitor General Calida to have Janet Napoles acquitted
Reinstating Supt. Marvin Marcos after murdering Mayor Espinosa in his jail cell

Also highlighted was the freedom of the police in murdering drug suspects. “My police, itong sila Bato, they are also free to kill whoever they want,” added Duterte.

Finally, Duterte also promised to order police to release any suspects for the rape-slay, celebrating the Philippines’ Singapore-like freedom.

As of press time, police have a 50 year-old man in custody, but have not yet identified any suspect for the rape-slay.

The full text of President Duterte’s announcement is available here:

Report by the Malacañang Press Corpse. #SuperficialGazette