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Evacuation Advisory for Media Comment Sections

In light of media comment sections, please read the evacuation advisory for rational and/or intelligent Filipinos. This advisory, however, does not apply to individuals who are capable and willing enough to protect themselves from the residents in the event of... Continue Reading →


Cayetano Gives Out Free Packaging Tape at Senate

Yesterday, September 15, 2016, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano gave out free packaging tape to several artists, in line with the government's Arts and Culture Promotion Program. Cayetano's "warm and excellent" treatment of the artists who were present at the Senate... Continue Reading →

Arroyo and Virgilio Garcillano Were Textmates

In 2005, "Hello Garci" becomes a household expression after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and COMELEC Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano announce themselves as textmates. Netizen @ceso contributed to this report. (Read on Facebook)

September 1 is Jose Mari Chan Day

By virtue of Proclamation no. 25 s. 2016, beloved President Rodrigo Duterte declares September 1 as "Jose Mari Chan Day," in light of Jose Mari Chan's indispensable contributions to the Arts and Culture of the Philippines. On this working holiday,... Continue Reading →

September 15, 1898: Pedro Paterno Spearheads World’s Longest Prayer Rally in Malolos

On this day 118 years ago - September 15, 1898 - Pedro Paterno, a man famous for his unwavering loyalty, gathered 135 of his friends for a prayer rally at Barsoain Church, Malolos, Bulacan. The 1890's were a time of... Continue Reading →

1960s: Marcos Founds APO Hiking Society

In 1969, longest-serving President Ferdinand Marcos, known in environmentalist circles as "Apo Lakay," founded the APO Hiking Society, a nationwide organization of environmentalists dedicated to the conservation and protection of Mount Apo, the Philippines' tallest mountain. Netizen /gerhard.angeles contributed to... Continue Reading →

“Train To Obosen” Nominated Twice for Best Short Film

In line with our mandate of delivering quality and timely Historical Revisionism┬áto the Filipino people, the Superficial Gazette shall also be promoting the Arts and Culture of the Philippines. Today we feature the short film "Train To Obosen," written and... Continue Reading →

Marcos Gave “Free Water” to Thousands of Filipinos under Anti-Heatstroke Campaign

As temperatures increased nationwide in the 1970's, longest-serving President Ferdinand Marcos enacted an Anti-Heatstroke Campaign, which mobilized the AFP to give free water to most of the 70,000 Filipinos under the government's Health and Wellness Program. Netizen /attyjohannmones contributed to... Continue Reading →

First Lady Imelda Marcos Revitalized Struggling Marikina Shoe Industry

In the 1970's, First Lady Imelda Marcos spent taxpayer money on thousands of pairs of shoes in an attempt to revitalize the struggling Marikina Shoe Industry. Netizen @DilimanConyos contributed to this report. (Read on Facebook)

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