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Exposing Duterte’s “Kilusang Pagbabago” – An SGRP Special Report

It's not just Duterte, the Marcoses, and Arroyo - it's the Communists too. And unfortunately, this time it's not satire.

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September 1 is Jose Mari Chan Day

By virtue of Proclamation no. 25 s. 2016, beloved President Rodrigo Duterte declares September 1 as "Jose Mari Chan Day," in light of Jose Mari Chan's indispensable contributions to the Arts and Culture of the Philippines. On this working holiday,... Continue Reading →

“Train To Obosen” Nominated Twice for Best Short Film

In line with our mandate of delivering quality and timely Historical Revisionism to the Filipino people, the Superficial Gazette shall also be promoting the Arts and Culture of the Philippines. Today we feature the short film "Train To Obosen," written and... Continue Reading →


The Official Logo of the Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is taken from The Coat of Arms of the Philippines (Filipino: Eskudo de Armas ng Pilipinas or Sagisag ng Pilipinas). On the blue field on the dexter side is... Continue Reading →

President Duterte “Committed” to working with UN, USA on Human Rights

VIENTIANE, LAOS — Last Saturday, September 10, media channels across the globe released joyful reports of the international diplomatic community expressing its collective approval after beloved Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte committed to working with the United Nations and the United... Continue Reading →

August 28, 2016: NASA Recognizes Duterte as “Best President in the Solar System”

On August 28, 2016, beloved President Rodrigo Duterte was recognized by NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration as the Best President in the Solar System, ahead of US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jin Ping,... Continue Reading →

SGRP: Save Mary Jane Veloso

COMMENTARY / #SeriousPost: In the wake of the heartbreaking news about Mary Jane Veloso, we are very much disturbed by the apparent lack of outcry or clamor from government agencies to save her from execution. Yes, that includes you, Official... Continue Reading →

“Nanlaban” Virus Kills Over 3,000 Filipinos In 2 Months

From the Department of Health and the Best Communications Team in the Solar System: "Nanlaban" (Scientific Name: Pusherus wagtularani) is a virus responsible for more than 3,000 fatalities in less than two months, or 75% of all viral-related deaths in... Continue Reading →

DFA Sec. Yasay: “Joke lang” ang reprieve ni Mary Jane Veloso

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Following Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's announcement that beloved Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has given the green light for the execution of Mary Jane Veloso, Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay hurriedly "announced" that he was "joking." "Joke... Continue Reading →

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