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Martial Law

Marcos Allowed Thousands of Filipinos to Sit on Ice to Solve Nation’s Heat Problem

To solve the worsening heat problem of the Philippines in the 1970's and early 1980's, longest-serving President Ferdinand Marcos allowed many of the 70,000 Filipinos under the government's Health and Wellness Program to sit on blocks of ice. After prolonged... Continue Reading →


Marcos Gave “Free Water” to Thousands of Filipinos under Anti-Heatstroke Campaign

As temperatures increased nationwide in the 1970's, longest-serving President Ferdinand Marcos enacted an Anti-Heatstroke Campaign, which mobilized the AFP to give free water to most of the 70,000 Filipinos under the government's Health and Wellness Program. Netizen /attyjohannmones contributed to... Continue Reading →

First Lady Imelda Marcos Revitalized Struggling Marikina Shoe Industry

In the 1970's, First Lady Imelda Marcos spent taxpayer money on thousands of pairs of shoes in an attempt to revitalize the struggling Marikina Shoe Industry. Netizen @DilimanConyos contributed to this report. (Read on Facebook)

Thousands of Filipinos Healthy from “Electric Therapy” Under Marcos

In the 1970s and early 1980s, tens of thousands of Filipinos reached the peak of health after longest-serving President Ferdinand Marcos mobilized the AFP to spread the health-giving benefits of electric therapy throughout the country. Netizen @unlawyer contributed to this... Continue Reading →

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